While things may look a little different right now, it is still possible to have a meaningful and memorable celebration.  Here’s what I’m doing so that you feel good about booking me and what I’m doing to keep you and your people safe.

What precautions are you taking at weddings?  

Protecting my client’s health is of utmost importance to me.  I always wear a mask when indoors or within 6’ of others and wash my hands often.  I also monitor my health closely in the days leading up to your event.  

What if we sign a contract with you and then need to postpone?  

Ever since the start of the pandemic, it has been my goal to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.  I do not charge any fees to postpone your date within a 12 month timeframe.  If I am not available for your postponed date, your retainer fee may be used for a portrait session within a 24 month timeframe.  

What if you get sick and can’t photograph our wedding?

My husband and partner, Mark, as well as our friend and associate, Preston, are both part of the ONCE WEST team.  If I were to contract COVID, Preston could step in and seamlessly take my place.  Additionally, I am part of a network of super-talented photographers that I trust and could call on in an instant.  


Do you recommend a second photographer?

Not only have I photographed hundreds of weddings with my husband and partner, Mark, but I’ve also photographed numerous weddings as a solo photographer.  Through that experience, I’ve gotten a really good feel for when a second photographer is beneficial.  I recommend a second photographer for the following scenarios:

  • You’re expecting over 130 guests.
  • You and your fiance are not seeing each other prior to the ceremony.
  • Your wedding is heavily focused on decor and you’d like that aspect well-photographed.
  • You’re getting ready in two different locations and would like both of you photographed.

I’m happy to discuss this further when we chat and can give you my recommendation! 

What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t photograph our wedding?

Having a team of 3 photographers (Mark, Preston and myself) means that I always have a trusted colleague to call on in the unlikely event that one of us cannot work.  The fact that we cannot call in sick is a responsibility I don’t take lightly and therefore am always focused on remaining healthy.  

How many hours of coverage do we need?

This depends on the number of guests you’re expecting, how many locations you plan on being at, as well as what all you’d like photographed.  Once we chat about your plans, I’ll be able to recommend a timeframe that will accommodate everything you’d like photographed. 

Will you help us organize our timeline/shot-list, etc?

Yes! I will see to it that I have all the information I need to assemble a detailed timeline and family portrait list. You’ll know exactly what you can expect from me on the day of. 

Have you worked at our venue?  If not, how will you prepare?

If I have not been to your venue, I will start by introducing myself to the venue contact and learning anything special I need to know about logistics or insurance requirements. Ad- ditionally, I’ll show up 1-2 hours early to get the lay of the land and find the best spots for photos. 

How do you back-up and secure our images?

I will create three copies of your photos and store one off-site.  Securing your images is an important aspect of what we do. 

Do we receive rights to our photos?

Yes! High-resolution JPEG files (no watermark) will be available for download from your online gallery. These digital files include reproduction and sharing rights. You may do whatever you like with your photos! 

How many images can we expect to receive?

We will cull the photos taken, removing test shots, outtakes and unflattering moments.  The final number of photos in your collection will depend on a few different factors but you can estimate somewhere around 75-100 per hour of coverage.  

Will you edit our photos?  How many color vs black & white photos do we get?

Every image in your final wedding image collection is hand-touched to look its very best including adjustments to exposure, contrast, color temperature, etc. At this time I will decide if a photograph looks best in color or black & white. Your final collection will have a mix of both color and black & white photographs. 

When will we receive our photos?

2-3 weeks following your wedding your high-resolution images will be ready to view and download!

Are there travel fees?

I am based in the mountains and do not charge travel fees for weddings taking place at any Colorado mountain town.  

Do you have references/reviews?

Yes! I love being asked this question as I take so much pride in turning happy couples in to happy clients! Click here to read reviews or let me know if you’d like to speak with a reference. 

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